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The author highlights the linguistic personality of the teacher-linguist as a key concept in all spheres of human
cognition; analyses different concepts and approaches to the interpretation of linguistic personality associated
with the multidisciplinary of this concept. Great attention is paid to the main principles of multifunctional
linguistic personality development, it is found out the feasibility of accounting lingvodidactic common features
of linguistic personality development, focus on the comprehensive development of all its competencies.
It is emphasised the fact that the formation of linguistic personality depends on many factors.
Key requirement is to prepare a competent person with the appropriate level of linguistic competence based
on a system of knowledge of the language, units of language at all levels (phonetic, lexical, derivational,
8 Педагогічна освіта: теорія і практика. Психологія. Педагогіка
morphological, syntactic) that are used as building material for the generation and detection of expression
and rules handling them. Students acquiring linguistic system, form speech skills, linguistic concepts, improve
the culture of language and speech.
Considering linguistic identity, we unwittingly immerse in the history of language, exploring issues of intellectual
development of the individual in terms of language and its emotional aspects, which is spirituality in the broadest
sense, the question of interpersonal communication etc. Accordingly, exploring this theme, it is necessary to work
not only with linguistic sources, but also literature on history, sociology, psychology, ethnography and other
social sciences, as in the individual overlapping interests of all the human sciences.
Work on the formation of linguistic personality in the study of grammar should be systematic, coherent, structural
and based on a study in the unity of language units, rules of their functioning and the process implementation
of language units in speech aspects, as well as enhancing internal reserves of students, their thinking and
obtained knowledge.
Language personality is a complex system, so its formation depends on many factors and impacts on its
functioning. It is examined the basic principles of of polyfunctionality development of linguistic personality, found
out feasibility of accounting of the main linguodidactic features of linguistic personality development, focus
on comprehensive development of all its components competencies.

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linguistic personality; competence; lexicon; pragmatics; semantics; level of linguistic correctness; level of communication excellence

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