I. Komarovа, N. Zdorikova


The theoretical and practical content of the concept of “game-techniques activity” is considered in the article,
the questions of development and implementation of the game-techniques basis of students pedagogical
training are considered, taking into account the specificity of their future professional activity in institutions
of preschool education and the justification of the possibilities for the pedagogical environment of the university
to support creative personalities.
The methodological basis for the research of game-techniques activity was the provisions on the priority
role of activity in human development, systemic and personality-activity approaches, which substantiated
the direction and functioning of pedagogical training in the university.
Збірник наукових праць № 27 • 2017 р. 45
The requirement of game-techniques basis implementation in students pedagogical education is determined
by the following prerequisites: philosophical, aimed at justifying the value bases of game phenomena;
methodological, oriented in taking into account the main trends in the development of pedagogical education
in theory and practice; scientific, including psychological and pedagogical concepts and research of gaming
equipment; social-pedagogical, orienting on the account of the educational process and the pedagogical
environment of higher educational institution as environment for the future specialist’s personal development.
The purpose of the article is to determine the essence of the game-techniques activity and to reveal the theoretical
and methodical aspects of its implementation in pedagogical training of students, future specialists in pre-school
The ongoing scientific and theoretical rethinking of the conceptual foundations, goals and content of pedagogical
education is due to socio-economic and cultural changes in the development of society. Priority today is not
only the formation of the competence of future specialists, but also the intellectual, creative development of the
individual. Trends in the transformation of pedagogical education are aimed at increasing the requirements for the
personality of the teacher and the quality of his training, and developing innovative content and methodological
aspects of working with students.
Proceeding from the assumption that the game-techniques activity can be considered as a component
of improving the preparation of the teacher of preschool education, contributing to the disclosure of the potential
of the individual and its self-realization, we undertook a theoretical study of the game-techniques foundations
of pedagogical education with the aim of broadening the concept of the phenomenon being studied.

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game-techniques activity; interactivity; methodological support; training arrangement and management; teachers of preschool education; pedagogical training; students

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